Private Chef dining, who is the chef?

private chef dining

Giuseppe was born in Naples 44 years ago and lived there until late 2013, when he moved to the vibrant and wonderful city of London.

He learnt to cook from his mum. He moved to London 3 years ago where he ran a supper club for one year. His cooking style is familiar and rustic. Simple ingredients but tasty. He uses mainly garlic, rosemary, parsley and horegano to add taste to the food. He finds Italian cuisine here in London limited to some dishes only like lasagna, parmigiana, carbonara and spaghetti with clams. There are more and more delicious dishes especially by the region he is from, Campania.

Forget gourmet cuisine with small hat like plates when booking him! You will taste rustic and large portions of Italian and Neapolitan dishes along with limoncello and meloncello. He bets you never heard about this, even North Italians have!

Vegetarians and non drinkers are welcome! Dietary requirements are catered for. He will buy the ingredients, cook the delicious meal in your kitchen and leave it spotless before leaving!